Centers for Disease Control

For almost a decade, Resigility and our team members have served as strategic advisors to the leadership of CDC’s Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO) as they have undergone widespread improvement, transformation and IT modernization efforts to better enable Agency priorities.As trusted advisors, we have had the honor and opportunity to support CDC in a myriad of efforts that includes but are not limited to:

Strategy and Planning: Our teams have developed multiple IT modernization, workforce, customer experience and product launch plans guiding OCIO transformation and modernization efforts in support of broader Agency wide priorities. 

Process Modernization: Resigility experts have developed and re-engineered processes essential to improving OCIO’s service delivery model, including IT asset deployment and customer onboarding to support new system development efforts.

Business and Portfolio Analysis: Our business experts have produced in depth analyses of IT infrastructure and other IT modernization efforts to support the identification, justification and deployment of new digital services and technologies in support of the Agency mission.

Organizational Change: Resigility change management experts have developed and executed a comprehensive change management plan addressing the key aspects of organizational transformation: culture, leadership and effective communication.

Communications: Our communication teams have developed multi-channel strategic communication programs to support key priorities and initiatives, product and service launch campaigns and OCIO coordinated Agency-wide efforts.

Performance Measurement: Resigility experts have developed a robust, comprehensive performance measurement program that captures and reports organizational results, success and progress in meeting OCIO’s strategic objectives in support of the Agency mission and priorities.

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