Celebrating Resigility’s seventh anniversary
September 19, 2022

Celebrating Resigility’s seventh anniversary

Thinking back on key milestones that have led the company to grow into what it is now.

Celebrating Resigility’s seventh anniversary

About a week or so ago Resigility celebrated its seventh anniversary, and I wanted to take a moment to reflect on how much progress the company has made in its relatively brief history. After founding Resigility in 2015, our then-CEO Patricia Obermaier brought me aboard in October 2016 as vice president of Client Services.

Having previously worked together at IMS Health and Unisys, Patty and I had become friends and developed a good working relationship. About a year after Patty left IMS Health, she called and explained her plans to form a new strategic advisory and information management services firm, and Patty wanted to know if I would help get the business off the ground.

Doing good things

With our shared interest in building a company with people we cared about and doing good things for our clients and community, I was interested—but jumping to a small, unproven entity obviously involved risk. Nevertheless, it took only about 15 minutes to get excited about the potential of making a difference by helping clients transform strategy into action.

Within a week, I committed to join Resigility, a name combining the powerful words “resilience” and “agility,” and a mission of enabling our clients to build those attributes into their organizations and communities.

I’m proud to be the first Resigility employee hired by Patty, who continues to serve as our board chair. Even more satisfying is to think back on the key milestones that have led the company to grow into what it is now.

A watershed moment

The first major development for Resigility was winning a data governance contract with the large federal agency Patty had been supporting—truly a watershed moment. This win allowed us to demonstrate our strategic and operational capabilities. It also required Resigility to double in size, from two to four team members, who got to know the agency and formed solid relationships with senior leaders. That experience was foundational to what Resigility has become.

Between 2017 and 2018, we expanded into additional organizational change management and modernization work for this government agency, leading to a September 2018 award of our first prime contract for a myriad of strategic services. This three-year, digital transformation agreement solidified Resigility’s reputation and provided a base for continued growth to eight employees, including our current president, Karen Marlo, who joined in November 2018.

Building resiliency and agility

As a result of Karen joining the firm and her private sector experience, we soon gained our first non-profit client. A federal defense agency also asked us to deliver data governance and strategy training. Both opportunities proved critical in developing the breadth and depth of skills and experience we currently enjoy.

In 2020, we took a significant step forward with our largest client awarding our team a next-generation contract for continued digital and organizational transformation work, again necessitating the need to expand our team. Resigility’s current 10-member team offers a range of skills that are extremely hard to find and underscores our belief in finding the right people and ensuring the right fit for the job, our organization, our culture and our clients.

On a personal note, our seventh anniversary is a reminder of how gratifying and motivating it is to create a business with people who care about each other and the clients we support. What I believe distinguishes Resigility is our commitment to our clients, communities and staff to help everyone build resilience and agility.

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